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Our website has been developed to ensure that everyone can find out more about what we are offering in the way of activities that are taking place at our Branch Club for current members and any potential new members that may wish to join us.

Our Welfare team is available for all ex service personnel and their dependencies. Please see 'How can we help you for more information'. We are here to not only help but listen, please do contact us. We are open to suggestions as well and any concerns you may have. Membership can be enjoyed by all, whether service personnel or not you are most welcome to join us.

Our Club Committee runs and operates the Branch Club which is the Trading arm of the Branch. We are all volunteers doing the best we can for the Club and its members.

The Festival has been held in the Caird Hall Dundee for some 25yrs now, it has attracted great support from across the Angus and Perthshire area's, in recent years there has been a larger attendance and this can only be a reflection of the Countries support for our armed Forces in the most recent of conflicts, but of course it is not just the Armed Forces but those of the Emergency service many of whom have members in the Reserve Forces, and so it is a true reflection of community support. As each year goes by our older participating members of Legion and local Communities become fewer and so it is important that we the younger generations never forget the sacrifice of our older generation not just those who paid the ultimate sacrifice but include those who have returned home with the visible injuries but also those who have the unseen injuries and mental health issues. The Committee of the Festival are all volunteers who organise and run the Festival each and every year, it is always held the week before the National Festival at the Albert Hall London so that there is no clash. Scotland does not hold a National event.

The Arbroath and District Branch was formed on April 28th 1935 by Sir William Chapel, Provost of the Royal Burgh of Arbroath. At the Inaugural meeting Sir William Chapel asked the then Lt. Col. The Earl of Airlie K.C.V.O, M.C Chairman of The Royal British Legion (Scotland) to take the chair. We have been a part of Arbroath ever since and we had our Golden Jubilee in 1985. In the year 2000 the Royal British Legion Scotland decided to split Branches with Clubs so that the Branch became the Charity and the Club the business. The Club basically makes the money to keep our premises in good order & repair and also pays a yearly rent to the Branch as well as pay the staff wages.

Our Branch Committee are now the Branch Trustee's, their sole purpose is to look after the charity, which is the Branch. They must conform to the RBL Scotland's Constitution and any guidance or other instructions they may pass down. There is also a Area Council with powers to tell, inform, guide or help Branches.

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Accessible vacations in Scotland for the disabled

Scotland has loads of holiday opportunities for people with disabilities. With plenty of accommodation options and cities you can explore, there is no doubt that your vacation will be a memorable experience. Bring your loved ones with you and spend your days together in the beautiful countryside or in the urban areas filled with many attractions. From luxury hotels to lovely cottages, there is something for everyone.

Whether you are part of the Royal Club or not, you can choose from a wide selection of places where you can go. As Glasgow is well-known for its impressive culture and friendly people, it would be a shame if you miss on the numerous museums, galleries, restaurants and architecture masterpieces. Enjoy your stay at fantastic hotels located in the center city with wheelchair accessible rooms and bathrooms.

Almost all Glasgow museums, shops and eateries are fitted for persons with mobility impairments. You should stop by the famous Kelvingrove Museum or take a taxi in the evening to the Theater Royal for some splendid representations. If you love the greenery, swing by the Glasgow Green Park or the Winter Gardens and you will not get bored. After dark, you can take pleasure in the lively nightlife.

Edinburgh might be a tricky destination for the disabled because of its location on a high hill, but you can still visit it and discover the magnificent medieval and Victorian buildings across town. Because all veterans deserve some wonderful days of rest in the heart of the Scottish capital, do not waste your day chatting and keep yourself entertained with all the treasures within the city.

Despite the fact that Edinburgh is a metropolitan area, many hot spots for tourists are close to each other and you do not have to travel for long distances before you reach them. You can avoid the hills in the Old Town if you take advantage of the black cabs with ramps and accessible busses. In case you plan a walking tour ensure yourself that the company’s route is suitable for you.

Some great places you can check out include Royal Museum, the historical church or the Edinburgh Castle. The local hotels offer lifts to all floors and especially designated guestrooms for your needs. They feature lowered beds, generous floor space and high-tech elements. You can enjoy a roll-in shower or a safe bath. Feast your taste buds with the splendid cuisine within the hotel’s restaurant and grab some fresh pastries at the local Cafe.

If nature is your favorite pastime, you should spend several days in the country where you can appreciate the walks in a fresh environment or drives to the beach. Book your stay at comfy cottages or caravans equipped with facilities for the disabled and have a good time in the Isle of Arran. You will be delighted in the picturesque landscapes, wildlife and views of The Borders and Loch Lomond.

Accessible holidays are perfect for the ones who want some time off from their busy lives. You will love every corner of Scotland and have fun while you travel. If you are ready for a fantastic adventure, do not waste your time at home. Gather your friends, plan your days out and have fun with everyone else in one of the prettiest place on earth!